Due to the abundance of submissions and inquiries we receive daily, it’s unfortunate that over 85% are the result of authors who refuse to read, which doesn’t match the profession. Before you decide this is rude to say, please understand us. Our general royalty information, submission guidelines, and imprint specifics (including word count requirements) are plainly posted on our website for all to see. Taking a few minutes of your time to review them is the least a person should do when seeking a publishing deal. Publishing contracts are partnerships and Cayélle staff works closely with our authors. Imagine a world where a publisher attempts to create a partnership with an author who refuses to read or follow simple instructions. It’s nonexistent.

Our staff has been taking a beating these past weeks from rude persons who become angry when they don’t receive information that doesn’t specifically pertain to them. Unsigned authors: Please refrain from demanding SPECIFIC royalty percentages and royalty advance information on books Cayélle hasn’t acquired or even viewed. We guarantee you that the major 5 publishing houses wouldn’t even blink your way and would likely blacklist you if you approached them so arrogantly.  Regardless of how great we believe our work to be, it doesn’t give us the right to disrespect others.

Moving forward, Cayélle staff will be unable to respond to unsolicited manuscript pitches via email or social media Direct Message. However, we are more than happy to answer general questions regarding our publishing model, submission guidelines, and processes. For consideration of your work, please visit our website for more information. From there, you may submit your manuscript for consideration.


We appreciate everyone’s understanding and look forward to reading all of your stories. Let’s make history.

Happy Writing!

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