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Cayélle’s first book release will be the steamy romantic suspense, Chameleons, penned by Onyx Gold. The title is currently available for pre-order on Cayé and Pre-ordering direct from the publisher guarantees you an advanced release date (before anyone else gets it), an enhanced book cover with gold trim and 3D gloss, author swag, and autographed by the author! You can’t beat that!

Get ready to fall into Zia, Bryce, and Baxter’s story because it is a sizzler!

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Steps To Self-Publishing


Self-publishing is the publication of literary work by its author without the contribution of an established publisher. The term commonly uses to written media, such as bookse-booksmagazines and websites.  It can also include albums, brochures, video content, and images to a website. In a nutshell self-publishing happens when an author handles the entire process, including printing, distribution, marketing and everything by herself/himself. Being a newbie to the field is no longer a reason to feel intimidated.  Authors who have published their works are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience with the world. Let’s start with the basics.

Helpful Steps To Self-Publish:

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Step 1: Understand the Process:

Understanding of the whole process is important before begin and plan writing. It’s very hard to write before understanding full process. It involves designing, editing, proofreading, marketing, printing and distribution.

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Step 2: Plan:

Your book is considered to be a new product so it is important to understand what it requires to launch new product in marketing. The things that need to be considered in the process of planning are know the goal, audience, budget, timeline, distribution channel, and cost of book.


Step 3: Assemble Your Team:

Focus on who will be on your team and determine which parts will be handled by which professional. Helpful team members are beta readers, graphic artists, editors, etc. It is important to do your research before relying on a third party.

Step 4: Assemble Your Resources:

Look for all the resources you have and then plan how to effectively allocate those resources. Time, budget, and professional support can become pricey fairly swiftly. The most important thing is don’t underestimate your time because you cannot get it back.

Step 5: Production Time:

Put your publishing team to work designing the book cover, page layout, editing, proofread, and final revisions. The last thing you want is to publish your work when it is still wrought with errors, especially grammatical ones. Once someone buys the book, they own it forever and that will be an eternal testament of the quality of your skill.

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Step 6: Printing and Distribution:

There are many choices to choose from. IngramSpark, KDP, LuLu, Lightning Source, etc. Selection mainly depends upon your needs and budget. Each distributor has a set of book trim sizes they offer. For instance, you’re publishing a 5.5 x 8.5 Digest book and select Distributor A, but Distributor A doesn’t support that trim. However, Distributor B does. You can either have your cover art and interior resized and reformatted for Distributor A or select a distributor that supports your preferred book size. After making your selection, you’ll then prepare your files for submission.

You will require an ISBN (Internal Standard Book Number), which is a unique identifier of your work around the globe. Some distributors have direct links for you to acquire an ISBN or you may purchase it from any reseller of choice though most purchase from Bowker Identifier Services. After the distributor vets your files and approves them, they’ll distribute them to sites such as and

Step 7: Market Your Book:

The quality of your team and their network are the key. Get active on social media. Get an author website and start blogging. Authors should release book teasers from very start! Entice your readers.

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We don’t want to overload you this early into your journey, but these are some of the very basics that every author should know who is thinking about self-publishing.


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